Thursday, December 22, 2005

Know your fitness instructor

Yesterday while I was showering in Fitness First Damansara Uptown, I had an idea about doing something on my blog. Funny how great ideas come about when you're in the toilet or shower room, but I think this idea is worth considering.

I know there are some Fitness First members who would like to know their instructors better but unfortunately, some of the instructors are constantly on the run because of back-to-back classes. So, what I'm thinking of is to run a bi-weekly or monthly exclusive interviews with the instructors, with the questions supplied by both me and the readers. This will be the best opportunity to ask questions that you never got the chance or too shy to ask the instructors... sounds cool?

This will depend on the response I'm getting for YOU, the readers. If you like the idea, please leave in the comment section which FF instructor you want me to feature. To help me have a bigger pool of interviewees, please give me 3 names, ok? The 3 people I have in mind at the moment are Jacqueline Wong(new FF HK National GX Manager, BODYSTEP® Master Trainer), Grace Sim(new FF M'sia National GX Manager), and Wes Carter(BODYPUMP® & RPM® Master Trainer). Hopefully whoever I decide to interview will have the time to respond.

Once I've decided who to interview, I will announce it and you readers can start sending your questions to my email. If no one likes the idea or the response is less than desirable, then I'll know that this is just another toilet idea and flush it down.