Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bon voyage

When I made the decision to move to KL(actually I was sort of forced to move by the company) I wasn't really excited about it. Sure, I just started with my gf(then a colleague based in PJ) and it would be just nice. However, I was also concerned about other things like my family, friends, church, my work/career with my current company and my side income hobby with Fitness First Island Plaza Penang. However, as we approach the twilight of the year 2005, I am happy to say that this year is probably one of the most fulfilling years in my life.

If I may single out the people who have made a tremendous impact in my KL life this year, no doubt there are 3 persons that came to mind. First is OCD, of course. In spite of me making fun of him, I appreciate that he has allowed me to bunk in with him. The other is my gf, but since this blog will not go too much into public display of affection(PDA), mushy stuff is saved for private moments. Instead, I want to talk about the 3rd person who, incidently, is also a lady.

She's one who's known by many names- Wonder Woman, Gorgeous Woman, girl from Penang, GX instructor, BODYSTEP® Master Trainer, Boss, etc... or simply Jacq.

The first time I saw Jacq was way back in 2003 in a BODYCOMBAT® class- so nice of her to do classes while on holiday in Penang. I could still remember some of the songs she taught then, but the one that stood out was the cooldown which has a "wave-your-sword" move(found out recently it's "Funiculi Funicula"). Hishamudin probably learned to wave his keris from her.

Anyhow, after 16 months of leading FF's GX team, she's going back to her cats and hubby Ryan(not necessarily in that order) in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, news of her departure was not well received by the taxi community.

Tough times expected...

I managed to speak to the president of Bangsar United Trades Taxi(BUTT) , Mr. Tan Tek See, and this is what he has to say:

"This is bad for business! The whole community is shocked to hear that she is leaving. We are very unhappy that she never told us that she's leaving. Luckily, my daughter's boyfriend is a Fitness First member, and he was smart enough to inform me. Aboden, where got time to plan for it? At least now we have time to tamper with our taxi meters to charge our customers more when she's no longer here."

"I have to cut down on smoking and drinking lor..."

In the meantime, Mr. Tan confirms that BUTT will be sending a petition to the government requesting that the petrol subsidy be increased back since they will stand to lose a lot with Jacq gone.

Mr. Tan has also informed me that BUTT will be staging a protest at outside FF MJH urging Jacq to change her mind.

Sample of what to expect...

Incidently, the taxi drivers are not the first to stage a protest. Last month I was informed by fatboy that there was a group of gym members picketing right outside FF MJH. I couldn't get there to see it myself, but fatboy was kind enough to take a picture of the emotionally charged activity. Police were called in to disperse the crowd before it became too rowdy.

Anyhow, I'm not one who's good at expressing myself verbally. Hence I would like to take this opportunity to record my sincere thanks and gratitude to you, Jacq.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I am not one who's used to having discusssions/chit chats with my bosses(past & present) but you're the one I'm most comfortable talking to.

Thanks for bringing me into a team of fabulous people. I think I wasn't that passionate about GX till I started getting more involved with the GX team.

Thanks for helping me get enough classes for my quota. There were times I felt that I shouldn't have troubled you but I am truly grateful that you have done all you could to secure the classes for me.

Thanks for showing care and concern in my well being and development with FF. Your care for those under your wings has borne fruits. Look at those who have grown within such a short span- AMAZING!!

Thanks for reminding me on 7 June 2005 that I needed to start thinking like an instructor and not a member. Even though I deserved a kick in the butt for my attitude, yet you spoke to me gently and corrected me.

If Budin inspired me to be an instructor, you inspire me to be a BETTER instructor.Your sheer energy has been the driving force behind the GX Team. You are truly the Wonder Woman of Fitness First Malaysia.

Thanks for being a friend.

You're one exceptional lady. Again, I think we all are also grateful to Ryan for allowing your marriage to be "put on hold" during your time in Malaysia. Sad as we are to see you go, I believe everyone is also happy that you can be with Ryan again.

Our loss is Fitness First Hong Kong's gain- All the best and we love you!

"Love what you do, do what you love, and the rest will take care of itself."