Friday, December 02, 2005

FF Annual Dinner

I had fun at the Fitness First Annual Dinner. Themed "Night with the Stars", everybody looks good yesterday night, esp. the female instructors- they were stunning!

I shan't detail the whole night's event, but I'll let the pictures do most of the talking today.

(L-R)future Malaysian Idol Klevin, Serena and Eric
were among the first to arrive

Basically everyone looked good, esp. the female instructors who were truly stunning.

Desperate housewives

Glamour girls

I thought Peter look like Tse Yin

My new boss, Grace Sim

Dinner was late. We're suppose to start around 8pm but I think by the time we went in it was already close to 9pm. But the fun started with a dance performance by 7 fitness instructors doing a Malaysian dance, before The Village People Wes and a few managers brought the roof down with their dance item, "YMCA".

Malaysian dance by 6 fitness instructors

Wes and his guys doing the YMCA (which was
REALLY hot- kinda makes me feel gay happy)

The big boss disclosed some of the achievements we'd accomplished through 2005 and also shared a bit on the future plans of the company. All in all, it's gonna be a very exciting period for Fitness First and the fitness industry over the next 5 years.

We had 3 rounds of lucky draws and some magic shows, but the one the GX team was looking forward to was Jacqueline's farewell speech. The last thing she said particularly sums up why we do GX:

"Love what you do, do what you love... and the rest will take care of itself."

An emotional moment after Jacqueline's farewell speech

Another thing the staffs were looking forward to was of course the award giving ceremony. Various awards were given, with awards like top fitness trainer of the year, top membership consultant of the year, top club general manager of the year, it certainly felt like Oscar night.

The one that the GX team was involved in was the Top Group-X Coordinator of the Year. The nominees were leng lui Janis(Menara Axis, formerly Cheras Leisure Mall and Wisma SPK), Lyn Kong(Menara Maxis, formerly Menara John Hancock and Island Plaza) and Cindy Gan(formerly Menara Axis, Cheras Leisure Mall and dunno where else). Janis won and we are all happy for her.

Top GX Coordinator award winner with the outgoing boss

After the awards, we had our last round of the lucky draw and for the final 3 prizes(1 huge Wega TV, 2 holiday vouchers), I didn't win any of them. I'm quite they've rigged the whole darn thing to deny me the holiday vouchers.

After that it was PARTY TIME!!!! We had a band (Stainless Steel I think) playing and we all got jiggy with it for a while before we went out to take more pictures. By the time the party started, it was already 12am. So after taking a few pictures and chit chatting, I bid goodnight to the rest of the team who didn't have to wake up at 6.45am to start work.

Me with Jane

I managed to see Jane, a personal trainer from Cheras Leisure Mall, before I left and asked for a picture with her. Jane has just completed her BODYCOMBAT® training and has been shadowing me at Cheras Leisure Mall. From my observation, she has shown much potential and interest to become a fantastic BODYCOMBAT® instructor. Watch out, Cheras Leisure Mall!!

By the time I went to bed, it was almost 2am. It's kinda good that tonight I don't have to teach 2 classes or else I'm gonna be SO tired- I've the bad opportunity to learn that when you don't have enough sleep, the body will do funny things when you teach. Still, I will be going to FF The Curve for our instructor's RPM quarterly meeting- RPM® 29!!!

It was a great night... not because of great food, but GREAT PEOPLE!!

Your Fitness First GX team...