Thursday, December 22, 2005

The arrival of winter

Most working day, I would start my day with nasi lemak bought from an elderly couple near my office. It quiet convenient to buy from them coz it's on the way to work, and I'm comfortable speaking hokkien with them.

Last week, the aunty asked me if I was going back for the holidays and I said no. Then, she asked me to come the following Thursday for "tang yuan". So today I went for my usual nasi lemak. Both of them were busy with customers so I helped myself to grab the prepacked nasi lemak(she has 2 types- one prepacked and another homemade) together with the curry puffs. I paid the uncle and just as I was leaving, the aunty stopped me. She took a look at what I had in the plastic bag and dunno from where, she took out a packet of "tang yuan" and passed it to me.


customer loyalty programme initiative

I'm ashamed to admit, but I haven't eaten "tang yuan" for a loooonnnnng time. So long that I have forgotten how they taste like. When my mom made "tang yuan" all the while, I never ate them. But today, I was very touched by the gesture...

So it's sweet, with a hint of ginger. Now I know why I didn't eat them for so long. Unlike gf, I'm not a ginger fan. Maybe next time when mom makes them, I'll put in a special "tang yuan" request... one without ginger.

To all who celebrate Dong Zhi or the Winter Solstice Festival, remember:

Chi tang yuan, da yi nian!"
(Eat "tang yuan" and grow older by a year)