Monday, December 05, 2005

Les Mills New Release

Last Friday and Saturday we had the last quarter workshop of the year where we got our new release.

I have 4 programmes to learn now...

Life used to be much easier back in 2004. I only had BODYCOMBAT® to worry about. Then, in Oct 04, I decided to pick up RPM® as well.. and within 12 months, I've taken up BODYPUMP® and BODYTORTURE BODYATTACK®. The more the merrier? Well, not quite actually...

The launch for the new release will take place right after Christmas- which means the instructors, especially those who are involved in the mega launch party, have 3 weeks to learn their choreography.

For me, I hope to be involved in the launch team for both RPM® and BODYCOMBAT® again- I did RPM® launch for the 2nd quarter and BODYCOMBAT® for the third. These 2 programmes will be my main concern for now, while BODYPUMP® will be my third priority. As for BODYATTACK®, I'll just take it easy for the time being since I don't have a class yet. However, I hope to be cleared to instruct by the 3rd week of Dec..

Nothing much to blog about today. Had a great time attending the workshops and also with gf(she caught the blog flu as well)- we went for Kajang Satay again, but in Ulu Klang, last night.

For the next few days, I may not be blogging much since I want to spend some time learning the choreography. Doing 3 programmes is already hard enough, but now I have 4! I wonder how the other instructors who have the same number or more programmes than me managed to learn all the choreography in time for the launch. There's this guy in Penang who even took up all the SEVEN Les Mills programmes... Crazy!