Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alas, It was the night day before Christmas...

"T'is the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la..." but last Saturday, I found myself in Mid Valley Megamall for something not so jolly...

Time to face the music...

I have a annual RM200 dental benefit from my "other" job to spend and so I made an appointment with Pristine Dental Care. I had almost forgotten about doing till I met Shanti on a forum online last week. Shanti was a fellow BODYCOMBAT® trainee back in March 2004 and this is where she works as a dental surgeon. The BODYCOMBAT® training must be pretty handy for her line of profession- who needs local annaesthetic when you can just knock the patient out with an upper cut?

Anyhow, she recommended her colleague Dr Puvan to treat me. Basically I just want to clean my teeth and maybe do some repair work and finish off the RM200. Dr Puvan noted that there's a new decay right between my two front teeth which should be taken care of immediately, but the other old repair spots which were wearing off could wait another year or so, though my teeth are now a bit sensitive to cold.

For starters, he was just going to clean up my teeth on Saturday. For the decay, I would have to make another appointment for it. To cut the story short, throughout the treatment, I clenched my fists all the way and my heart was pounding like I was riding an RPM® class- less painful than a repair job, but still dreadful nonetheless.

I'm booked for the repair this Saturday New Year's Eve... *sigh*

Anyhow, I took some time walking around the mall since I was already there. Managed to take pictures of the deco which I'm sure most of you have seen them...

I'm impressed with the people behind the Mid Valley decos: always new ideas with fantastic results. Somehow I was expecting the Janis Jadis the White Witch to appear.

It was around noon and the mall was packed with people who likes to hang around crowded places rushing for last minute Christmas shopping.

Later it was off to Fitness First Wisma SPK to fetch gf- we just wanted to go to City Square/Ampang Plaza for her new gym shoes while I wanted to get my costume for my "other" company's annual dinner. We had lunch at the food court before we started shopping. After that, it was off to KLCC.

We were quite fortunate to get a FREE parking lot outside KLCC(note: the word FREE means a lot to Penangites in general). We didn't have any plans that afternoon so it was just walking aimlessly for while till we got hungry.

KLCC's Christmas was nothing to shout about, again showing off their tall Christmas tree. However, there was a string quartet playing some classical music.

By around 5.30pm, I was hungry again. Since it's Christmas eve, we decided to dine at Chilis.

We got the window table

We had to wait for 30 minutes before the food came. Nothing to do.. so take more pictures lah!

Right before the rain...

We both went for the sandwich and boy it was good!

Is that cheese on top of the chicken?

Gf takes a pic...

By the time we were done, it was about 7pm. Since we had to wake up very early the next day for our Christmas presentation, we didn't stay out long. So I dropped her back to Wisma SPK to get her car and I went home.

I wish I could say that I had a nice drive home but unfortunately, the cheese in the sandwich couldn't agree with my stomach again(I'm lactose intolerant). A 15-20 min drive home felt like eternity. Again, I wish I could say I made in on time but unfortunately, I didn't.

And that's how the Christmas Eve went.