Friday, December 09, 2005

Passion in every session

The big question for the past few days in my head is: WHY DO PEOPLE TURN FULL TIME PRO?

I look at some sports personalities like Nicol David, David Beckham, Yao Ming and how they progress in their professional career... and I wonder what their first and foremost reason for turning pro was. Though money may be one of the prime motivators to be a professional, I think the biggest reason for doing what they do is summed up by the word PASSION.

Was she thinking about becoming the World Champion at the age of 5? When Nicol picked up the first squash racquet, it wasn't about the money, the apartments, or the glory she is basking in at the moment. It was her interest in the game that would one day propel her to stardom.

But still, if fame and glory are not the issues, why bother turning pro then? After careful thoughts, I submit to you my deduction - to dedicate their lives to their passion and be the best at what they do.

Why do I wonder about such things? Well, it's the end of the year where people normally look back at their achievements/failures and plan for the next year. I,however, will decide on where I'm heading in the next few years- a decision some would think unimaginable.

I'm enjoying my time at the gym more than my current desk job. In fact, this is the most enjoyable part of my entire working life. However, doing two jobs at the same time also means that I'm not giving enough attention to both jobs.

If you read the book "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews, he believes that we should always do the things that we are passionate about. However, he also says that if the things we are passionate about does not give us the income we require, then we should do it at least on a part-time basis until the right time comes along to do it full-time. As I follow his advice, I also encounter a couple of problems:

1) Weekdays I work 8am to 8.30pm/9.30pm daily. By the time I go home, I'm tired and I don't feel like doing things like cleaning my room and doing the laundry. Though I live with OCD, I hardly have time for him as the first thing on my mind when I reach home is going to the bedroom. Sunday nights I try to be home so that at least we could go pasar malam together.

2)My time spent with gf is also limited to Saturdays(the off day I finally got since Nov) while the rest of the week are those sporadic lunch or dinner. It is kinda sad to say that my gf needs to go to the gym to see me more.

Therefore, I believe the time has come for me to re-think my career path in the fitness industry.

With 4 programmes to learn, I find it more and more difficult to learn my choreography. Even before I took up BODYATTACK®, I could only practise BODYCOMBAT®, BODYPUMP®, RPM® while sitting down in the office. Here's how I practise: in between my free time I would put on my ear phone and visualise in my head doing the moves. The only time I actually physically practise is when I attend the instructor tuitions. The problem is this weekend I'm going for the tuitions and I have to present a track from each programme. Prior to BODYATTACK® I was able to get away with it, but this time I can't practise BODYATTACK® wihout actually doing it in front of a mirror in a studio. So Jeremy, if you're reading this... get ready for an awkward track 9 this Sunday.

If I continue this trend for the next one year, I don't think I can ever improve as a fitness instructor. For me, the 2nd important word after passion is now FOCUS. If I cannot a have focus on what I do, I will remain a mediocrity in the fitness industry. I even have to forego the chance of auditioning to be a BODYCOMBAT® presenter/trainer last month, because I simply have NO TIME.

I think I can't continue doing 2 jobs anymore.

There can only be ONE.