Thursday, December 15, 2005

Besides KY, Shades eats too

Ok, this is not much of a food review.

Normally I attend cell group meeting on Wednesday night, but since last Wednesday was our last meeting of the year, the cell group wanted to do something together yesterday. Among the suggested activities were:

1) watching Narnia (shot down because no communication skills involved)

2) karaoke at Songbird (shot down yesterday morning because it was too blurdy expensive)

3) simple dinner

The 3rd proposal was adopted but we still need a place to eat. So I suggested this Nyonya Kitchen in Damansara Uptown- I have been seeing their handouts on the windscreen of my car everytime I teach at Fitness First Damansara Uptown. This is their 3rd branch after Klang and Shah Alam.

So it was I met with the rest of the gang at about 8.30pm- gf, Pastor Daniel and Wai Loon were already there. I could've arrived earlier if someone hadn't messed with my head and got me into going to the cyber cafe to amend my previous post At least I wasn't the last the arrived.

We decided to order food first while waiting for the rest. Regina, Sze Wui and Juin Han came after a while but there was no sign of Joyce.

(L-R) Sze Wui, Juin Han, Regina

Wai Loon and Pastor Daniel

The first dish to come out was otak-otak. We're all quite hungry so we started the dinner without Joyce.


We also had curry fish(ordered fish head but they ran out of fish heads), pandan chicken, sambal udang, and kangkong.

the prawns

1 person get 1 pc of pandan chicken

In between our meals, gf got a couple of calls from Joyce asking for direction to come to Damansara Uptown- she's driving from home(somewhere near Mid Valley). After much instruction, she called later that she ended up where she started. It was alread close to 9.30pm but she's still coming! She may be a bit goofy but I admire the patience and persistency- if I were her, I would've been too frustrated to drive out again.

they put corn in their cendol

While we waited, we had cendol. Ice was very fine but it doesn't taste as good as the one in Penang- nobody beats true blue Penang food.

Joyce finally came and ate her portion of the food but it was almost 10pm... imagine eating your dinner at 10, sumore have to drive all over for it!

Overall, the food was alright- not good, but not that bad either. Personally I think Ah Tuan Ee serves better nyonya food. However, the only time I dine at Ah Tuan Ee, it wasn't really a relaxing dinner(but that's another story). Again, it was more of the people who were there than the food that makes it memorable. However, I do like their service. Their closing time was 10pm but they didn't rush to get us out; instead, they did the subtle things like keeping the utensils on the other tables, mopping the floor, etc. After doing those things we were still inside talking and they just stood at the counter quietly. They only pulled down part of the grilles way around 10.10pm and we finally got the message that we should be leaving.

The place and address:
Nyonya Kitchen at No,80, Jln SS21/39, Damansara Utama.