Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spring cleaning

As it is customary to clean the house before CNY, I'm spring cleaning my blog. First thing I'm cleaning is the list of blogs- far too many blogs have been left unattended and those blogs that have no updates for the last 2 months will be removed(lucky you came back, bobdogz). Also, those I've not been visiting(sorry, too many blogs already) will too be removed.

Second thing to do is to change the colour of the blog. I'm never a fan of black colour background, but I changed it to black in December so that I could add the snow and firework effects. Since the Christmas & New Year celebration is over, and since we're celebrating CNY, I'm "buying" my blog a new colour. Besides, my mommy pantang wearing black for CNY.

Thirdly, it's about time I change the title of this blog. Initially I thought it was a cool idea to sound "serious" with the title Muse N' Ramblings but somehow it doesn't really reflect who I am and what I do. With the help of my "consultant", a new title with a new picture(no more toilet stuff, Jacq) be will unveiled very soon. It will truly reflect my perspiration aspiration.

Other than that, expect the same crap from this blog. When will it happen? I think this Friday will be it, since it's probably another week before I update my blog again.