Friday, January 20, 2006

New bikes

Yesterday got a call from Kat informing that Subang Jaya has finally got a couple of new spinning bikes. For years the members there(I'm told) have been asking for new bikes to replace the old Keiser bikes.

The Keiser bikes are currently found in the older gyms like Fitness First Menara Manulife RB, Damansara Uptown, Menara Maxis, and Subang Jaya. The problem with the bikes(as complained by members) is the thumb tension adjustment which are not working properly anymore.

The members in the other gyms have less to complain about since they have the Star Trac V-bikes with click tension system. This, IMHO, is THE bike to use for RPM®.

Anyhow, This is what we've got for Subang Jaya.

Not quite what I was hoping for(V-bike) but still a Star Trac. Out of 20 Keiser bikes, they've only replace 12 of them but surprisingly, last night we only had about 15 members instead of the usual full class. Initially I wanted to let the members ride the new bikes while I take the Keiser. However, I decided that I should ride it once, so to know how the members would feel on it.

Overall everything feels new but somehow the seat and handlebar locks have to be tightened properly, otherwise they will become loose as I cycle. As for the tensionn system, it is similar to the click tension system of the V-bike but there's no clicking sound as you turn the resistence- kind of makes it a bit difficult to gauge how much resistence I've increased.

So far the members are not appreciative of this Spinner Pro and to be honest, I'm not that keen either. Then again, I wasn't comfortable with the Keiser when I first used it... just like everything, have to get used to it-lah.