Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saturday night annual dinner

Today's just some photos taken last Saturday at my company's annual dinner "Latin Fiesta". Nothing much to elaborate... just know that yours truly won his 2nd "Best Dressed Male Award" in a short span of 3 years. Actually I don't think I was the best dressed person, but I did a darn good job of shaking my bon bon when the MC played Ricky Martin's "Shake Your Bon Bon". It's all about showmanship, chico...

Didn't win anything else... 2 years ago I got 2nd prize in the lucky draw.

Me with Zen

For a moment, I thought David was Phantom of the opera- turns
out he's Antonio Banderas

beauty wave please

Cindy, Tan & Sara

Azmi, Zen and Rick Kee Mah Teen Daniel

Max, Zen & Nicholas

He didn't quite hit his sales target last year

Initially wanted to blog about the food but changed my mind because:

1) This is not supposed to be a food blog

2) The food sucked. For those who are planning to have annual dinners, weddings, conferences, etc... If you want to impress your guests, please do not have it at Grand Plaza Parkroyal KL.

Guess the company is not doing well. Just look at the list of hotels and how we have "downgraded" our annual dinner.
2003 - Palace of the Golden Horses
2004 - Sunway Resort Hotel
2005 - Le Meridian
2006 - Grand Plaza Parkroyal

What's next? Kedai mamak?