Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't cha... wanna eat them?

Had lor bak for lunch yesterday. Though it's not the best I've had(still have to go back to Penang for that) but it'll do for now. Didn't order that much since I can't possibly eat everything they have- it's kinda pricey here anyway.

Lor Bak was the dessert, of course. So what's the main meal?

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken.

Sometimes I wish I could be in Sydney still, but the food here is just too good to forego!

Back to normal blogging. Now that I've cleared my BODYATTACK® assessment, here comes another problem of getting to actually teach a class. Right now, I'm quite tied up with 5 RPM®, 4 BODYCOMBAT® and 2 BODYPUMP®. Ideally I would like to drop 2 RPM® and 1 BODYCOMBAT® and replace them with either (a) 2 BODYATTACK and 1 BODYPUMP or (b) 2 BODYPUMP and 1 BODYATTACK.

Any changing the classes, however, will have to wait till the next quarter I guess. I've already committed to Herny that I will be teaching the Wed RPM in Fitness First Damansara Uptown till March but from time to time I will try to sneak into Cheras Leisure Mall to teach BODYATTACK® with FAI and Eric on Saturdays.

Well, at least I get to teach BODYATTACK® in Fitness First Island Plaza during my CNY break...