Monday, January 16, 2006

Go Shanghai no need passport

Dunno why but my blog is going through a "food" phase.... Yesterday gf and I were invited to dine at J W Marriot's Shanghai Restaurant by Chen, a Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall member. Apparently he's got a YTL card with 8000 points to spend and he's decided to have this small gathering of BODYCOMBAT ® enthusiasts.

That's Chen on the right

Fellow FF Cheras members

They've just upgraded to passport membership to stalk me

It's kinda of heartening that Chen and the rest of them to consider me as one of their FCIs. Besides me, also invited were fellow Cheras Leisure Mall FCI Eugene and Michelle.

The food was okay but the fellowship was fun. It's nice to be able to talk about the funny things we do in class- mostly combat related. I've managed to learn from Eugene a new phrase to use in class called "Iron Sand Palm"....

Fish & spring rolls

Beautiful fresh shrimps


Hopefully, this wil be the last of my food entries for a while...