Monday, January 09, 2006

Pasar Malam

Saturday's BODYATTACK® went quite okay, though I messed up the first part of the class- then again, I haven't learnt the first 4 tracks yet. My priority is still tracks 6- 9 but yesterday managed to spend some time watching the DVD again. So tomorrow I should be more prepared when I teach with Barney. Teaching with Jackson was fun and he was fantastic- for now, he's my FAI(Favourite Attack Instructor).

Sunday evening- if it doesn't rain- you'll probably find me here.

No, not the art & creative programme, but the road.

This is where the pasar malam is. The nice thing about staying in Menjalara is you have 4 nights of pasar malam per week, all located closeby. So, yesterday I was there again.

Just like any other pasar malam, it is a great place to eat out.

The crowd

By 6 plus, the place was already very busy

I was there way before 6pm. So, I loitered around waiting for him to come. Then I got a bit hungry and had a piece of fried chicken and laksa.

Who's he that I'm waiting for? I shall dub him FSS(Favourite Soya Seller).

FSS sells the cheapest soya and bean curd. Taste wise, it's quite good too. So I bought one for myself and another for OCD. It was still quite early and since I was still thinking of eating a bit more, I continued to walk around.

The alarm clock was on constantly... I pity the nearby hawkers

stuffed idiots Cute soft toys on sale

Finally I decided to "ta pao" char koay kak from this lady.

There are quite a good variety of things to buy here. You can get food, fruits, snacks, clothes, fake CD, VCD & DVD, etc.

Maybe should the jelly one of these days...

Though it's nice to walk there and buy food, I don't know why so many beggars are sitting right in the middle of the road- some even with children.*sigh*

By the I got home it was 7pm, and I totally missed The Simpson! Not to worry, at least I got my RM2 jumbo size soya...