Thursday, January 12, 2006

My lunch, my lunch, my lunch, my lunch.. check it out!!

*Good news of the moment: I've been cleared to teach BODYATTACK®. After working hard for the last 6 days, I'm relieved it went well, though I thought I was better on Tuesday in Cheras- just a bit nervous yesterday. Now the next thing to do is to continue to practise on my own to improve my technique and also be ready to take a class should the opportunity arise.

Today's blog is for a certain individual who misses the local hawker food. Yesterday I had some of the best hawker food around and I've taken a couple of pictures just for you.

There are 2 usual places I go for lunch: Sec 14 & Paramount... but I tend to favour Paramount because it is slightly easier to get a parking lot. So, it was back to the ever popular O&S for assam laksa & koay teow t'ng.

Yes, normally if I go there it will be double for me, and usually I would start with koay teow t'ng but somehow the laksa came first.

After walloping the delicious laksa, I moved to koay teow t'ng.

This is a genuine Penang koay teow t'ng- the hawker left Penang at a very young age to study here and that was some 30 years ago.

Finally, for dessert, I had a Thai coconut. Not as good as the ones I ate in Bangkok but good enough for now :)

Sorry but there's no lor bak there, but fret not... I'll go to the opposite Millienium kopitiam afterwards for that.

Finally, here's a video we could all learn from..

How NOT to start a match

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