Friday, January 06, 2006

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Had a tiring workout yesterday and I shan't blog too much. It was after 2 classes that I practised the BODYATTACK® tracks for assessment... went home with sore knees & ankles. But I'm kinda glad that I could remember all the moves in spite of only attending class once. Tonight will be another practice before I teach the tracks tomorrow at Fitness First Cheras Leisure Mall.

It was quite late when I finished my practice, so I didn't change nor bath. By the time I bought my late supper dinner and reached home, it was already way past 11pm. There was a guy waiting for the lift. we both got into the lift and he was kind enough to ask me which floor I was going.

Man:(Looking at my attire and bag) So you work out in the gym ah?

Me:(Smiling) Actually I teach there...

Man:(Grinning) Oooo000 no wonder you have a nice body....

I should've remembered not to wear sleeveless again.

Anyhow, just an update on my August entries on the roti familiy(read here & here), a little bird(thank you!) has taken the trouble to send me the picture of the mama. So here's a complete picture of the roti family...

The son

The girlfriend

The father(divorced)

The mother(divorced- relocated to Singapore)