Tuesday, January 03, 2006

King Kong and New Year

Finally watched King Kong last Saturday after the dental appointment. It was a good movie, though a bit too long. As noted by someone, there was a scene with the big monkey doing tricep kickbacks with the damsel in distress. However, he could've done it with a heavier weight and lean forward and support his body with the other arm instead of standing straight. Quite emotional story but gf and I didn't cry.. cannot understand why he did.

From one King Kong to another... gf & I went to TGIF The Curve to meet up with Terence and friends.

The guy in front does kickboxing...

It was a gathering of non-gym/gym ppl- sort of like what fatboy does but with younger people.

Juicy buffolo wings...(Eh? Buffoloes got wings?)

Beef rib

King Kong demonstrating how to eat beef rib...

Poster for BC 27 launch

The guys

The ladies...

We managed to finish food right before 12am and we joined the party crowd for the countdown to year 2006.

15-min fireworks display

This look like a big explosion in the sky

There was a concert held right between The Curve and Ikano Power Station featuring local artistes like Reshmonu but we didn't stay long coz we had to wake up early church and also I got 3 classes to teach on Sunday.

Alas, too many got the same idea about leaving early...

*SIGH* Took us 1 hour just to get onto LDP...