Friday, March 16, 2007

Post CNY thoughts

I actually thought of a lot of things to blog lately..... starting from my preparation for CNY to what actually happened during the festive season. Somehow, the opportunity to blog didn't come since I was transferred to IOI Mall.

Anyhow, among the more interesting things that happened during CNY was many news of weddings coming up among my relatives & friends. Come this July, a cousin of mine is marrying this BODYJAM instructor from Island Plaza(yeah, Penang is that small). Year end, there will be another wedding dinner in KL as another cousin(mom's side) is also the tying the noose knot. Then, there's another wedding in the pipeline as Danny & Su Lin prepares for theirs next year, hopefully not clashing with Euro 2008 football matches.

Naturally, the question of my sexuality wedding plan came up as well. Actually even if they didn't mention it, I also kind of felt the urge to finally settle down. So what's holding me back?

Fear of commitment? Naahhh....

I have already thought of how I would propose to her. In fact, I have 2 plans in mind, just in case I need options. When I do propose to her, it's my hope to make it the 2nd best day of her life, the best being the day we get married.

So.... what am I waiting for?

Can you help?