Friday, March 30, 2007

My Singapore trip

The day finally came last Saturday for the Phantom of The Opera. Thanks to Mr Tony Fernandez, "Now Everyone Can Wait" "Now Everyone Can Fly", gf & I boarded the earliest flight to Senai, Johor, before taking the bus, first to JB, then to Singapore.

I can fly!

The show was on Sunday afternoon 2pm, so we spent most of Saturday walking around Orchard Road and meeting up with gf's colleague and ex-colleague. Leslie, our new SIA trainee steward was also around there and we met up and eventually went to Tampines Mall for a walk before having a late dinner with him.

Next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel in Little India before Alex, a former colleague from Padini & Giordano, came to fetch us. He came with his gf Karen, but she had an appointment with her friends. Alex dropped her somewhere before driving us to the Durian.

Singapore's Durian

Woo hoo!

We had lunch there and update each other with what we've been up to. The last time I saw him was my last trip here with Giordano in 2001. Among the interesting things I learnt from him was Singapore now has Hooter's in Clark Quay.

The show was good, but maybe it's because my second time watching, some of the visual effects were not as fascinating was it was 11 years ago.

@ Outside the theartre

After the show, we walked around Suntec City before going to Boat Quay for dinner - I had mistakenly thought Hooter's was in Boat Quay.

On the way to Boat Quay, we walked passed the Parliament House, the symbol of Singapore Democracy, if it really exists.

Couldn't find Hooter's there, but took some nice pictures.

Boat Quay

the vibrant city

After realising we were at the wrong quay, we decided not to try going to Clark Quay. Instead we headed to CityLink Mall to a restaurant we saw earlier for dinner.

2B continued....