Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Schedule WEF April 2007


Unlike some instructors who have legions of fans following them from one club to another, I have promote myself here in my own blog. among the changes you will see in April:

1) Mon I'm going back to Axis!
2) More classes for me in IOI!
3) More BC classes overall!
4) More time to sleep! (Dropped Tuesday 7.15am BP)

Join my classes - It will be FUN FUN FUN!!! Don't believe me? Just ask gf and she'll tell you it's the absolute truth.

Guys, please don't just follow your gf to wherever she goes just because she likes this particular instructor. if you are a regular Fitness First member who doesn't have any particular favourite instructor, please join my class, ok? Tell your friends about it, bring your mother & father and let's have a ball!!