Monday, January 07, 2008

Meeting up with friends in Penang

Going back home is all about 2 F's...nope, not Fitness First, but food and friends. And so here are some of the people I met with during my 1-week break from KL.

Besides meeting friends from my home church, the following day I also went for a meal with Danny, Willie & Leslie at Bangkok Lane.... yup, the famous Pulau Tikus Mee Goreng. After that, Willie, Leslie & I went straight to Gurney Plaza to meet with Oon Peng for a movie...

The show?

Willie, Leslie and I hang around a lot when we're in Penang. Willie and I share our passion in the worship ministry while Leslie and I were serving in the youth ministry of the church. As for Oon Peng... well, let's put it this way: If all of us were in the movie AvP2, Oon Peng would probably be among the first to be killed by either the predator or alien... and his character won't be credited as well. Anyhow, good to see him also la...

from short to tall: Oon Peng, Leslie, Willie & yours truly

Friday and Saturday evening I was invited to Gabe & Mookie's wedding(shall blog it later). But Saturday afternoon, I got the opportunity to meet up with Jenc.

fetch her from home

The day was so hot so we ended up in Queensbay Mall, the latest shopping mall in Bayan Baru.

Jenc seems to be a very busy person. According to her, I was "very lucky" to able to meet her, even on Saturday. Goodness, next time CNY must make appointment earlier to avoid disappointment.

Miss "I'm-very-busy"

The night before my departure, I also managed to meet up with Esmond and her sisters. Ann was there too. They are all members of Fitness First Island Plaza.

No matter how many days of break I get, it is never enough to do everything. Still didn't get to do as many things as I would like to ....

Next blog: Back to the Penang food experience!