Monday, January 28, 2008

You did not mislead me

You may think that he had given me false hope last Saturday, but past hurt experience has taught me well not to believe anything you say. Anyhow, last Saturday's Contender theme class was by Peggy and yours truly, but we had a last minute special guest, Calvin aka FCI.

The tracks were all chosen by me to challenge the members' stamina but I didn't know how hard the selection was till I first taught it last Friday with QoP in Consplant. The thing was, Saturday Peggy and I had 2 classes to teach, one in Klang 11.35am and this last one in IOI Mall at 2.45pm. Boy I was exhausted!!!!

Not helping was the mic which went dead around the first track 6, then Peggy had to teach the remaining tracks without mic. Last min, I asked her to get FCI to present the last 2 tracks so she could rest her voice.

After the class was over, it was the kick challenge time! Since FCI's around and he's been doing this daily since the challenge started, I got him to hold the arm target, Peggy to mark the number of kicks done, while I went snappy with my cam.

Eddie kicked so hard that his shoe came off...

She had to be carried into the center to do her kicking

is that a muay thay guard?

Not the fastest kick but definitely the hardest kick

posing with the winner Weng

Getting kicked for no apparent reason

Everyone deserves a pat on the back for a fantastic workout

So you see, even though you didn't come again, I still had a lot of fun with FCI, Peggy, and the IOI gang....