Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking back

As we step into the new year 2008, most people would probably think back how the year 2007 has been to them. For me, however, as I spent my time in Penang, I can't help but to reminisce my life from day 1. And so, I give you.....


Born in the mid 70's, I am sort of "an accident". My parents at that time already had 3 children - Sis 13, eldest bro 11, and OCD at 10. Not to mention, Dad was 41 and mom 39... Anyhow, they were kinda hoping that I would be a girl.

I sort of grew up as a loner since all my siblings were too old to play with me. Sis is sort of like a 2nd mom to me also.

As you can see, I have always been cute.

Quite an exhibitionist.

This is my very first time performing on stage at the Dewan Sri Pinang in Penang. That's me in purple(or is it lavender) holding the lion head. I was only 6 years old.

Yes, I was once a fatboy. 'Nuff said....

Secondary school time, while most of my friends joined either the Boy Scouts or St John' Ambulance, I decided to doing something most artistic - spent 6 years in the school marching band in the trumpet section.

That's me taken in Canton Square, where my home church Penang Christian Centre used to be. The girl in the pic, Adeline, was one of my closer friends as a teenager. The weird thing about us is... there was a time she was interested in me and I wasn't in her. Then later on, I was interested in her, but she had already moved on. She's now married and lives in England.

I picked up drums at 15 in church. Thanks to my training in organ, I had very good hand-foot coordination and learning drums was kinda easy.

By the end of Form 5, I had my first girlfriend which lasted 3 years 5 months. Come this April, the current relationship will be the longest relationship ever for me.

Then, I went to Sydney to continue my studies. 1 week before my departure, I permed my hair.

This was taken during our orientation in University of Sydney. Was a HUGE fan of The Ultimate Warrior then....

Had another "fatboy" episode in 1997... the fact that I had a Singaporean girlfriend then probably caused me to overlook my diet and workout.

Earlier that year, I took part in Sydney CLC's(now Hillsong Church) 20th anniversary celebration. I sang alto in Handel's Messiah(The Hallelujah Chorus).

1998 came and I had a bad start when Singaporean girlfriend went back home and broke up with me. It was then that I started working out in the Uni gym, but it was just doing weights - I had not heard of GX yet.

Had trouble coping in Sydney alone, so decided to return home to Penang for my winter break in 1998. Girl in pic is Lena Teo, one of the good friends I had back then.

This pic was taken a few days before I left Sydney in Nov 1998. The guy is Benjamin Thomas Lowe, my housemate of 2 years from England. He's now a lecturer in one of the Aussie Uni. Oh, do you like my hair colour?

My graduation in June 1999. Haven't been to Australia ever since.

Prior to PDI, I was teaching part time in a school, but PDI was my first full-time job since graduation. Spent 1 year 6 months with the company. The pic above was taken in Mid Valley.

From PDI, I moved back to Penang and worked briefly with Island Plaza before I was approached to join Giordano. I was sent to train in Singapore for a month, working in Tampines Mall under the guidance of this lady they all called affectionately "Mother".

My last job before joing the GX team full time. I was in B Braun for 3 years moving from OPM division to Surgical Instruments before moving to Customer Care.

Of course there are more pictures and stories than I am showing today but I think these are the more significant ones.

So what's in store for 2008? I don't know, but I am excited about it. A new year marks a new beginning,..... the birth of something wonderful perhaps?