Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nipples on display in IOI

Last Saturday we had our new Les Mills Launch in IOI. Honestly I can't remember when I was this excited before... even woke up around 7am, way before the alarm clock went off.

I think it's partly because this time is the first time all 7 programmes will be launch in my club and it's a whole day event packed with loads of activities like the hair-do thingy, lucky draws, etc. Another reason is probably because finally HE is coming to IOI... or so I thought.

Anyhow, Riyo and Serena were the first to launch BODYSTEP at 10.40am. we had more than 20 people in the class.. pretty good for an early class.

An hour later, it was RPM with Jon Wong and Chloe(Lilian had to be pulled out for losing her voice).

At the same time, Juwita and Anthony were getting their hair done for BODYJAM.

striking a pose before the class

doing the cha-cha

While BODYJAM was on, Klevin and Serena got their hair done.

Cute guy with his BODYPUMP hair-do

Since I was free, so I got mine done as well.

doesn't look too nice here...

It was around this time I believe, that I got an sms from him, saying that he got stuck somewhere and won't be coming. Got a bit disappointed, but then again, shouldn't have come as a surprise since we all know from the lurve chart, I'm not the one he really wants to see.

BODYPUMP with Klev and Serena

Didn't really have time to snap any more picture as I was preparing myself for the BODYCOMBAT launch. Peggy & Renee were there on time, but Jason and his "Ah Boy" was late. In the end Ah Boy came but Jason was still nowhere to be found. 20 minutes before the launch, Jason finally reached IOI- apparently he got caught in a jam from USJ. We took a few pictures with someone's camera(Peggy's i think) and that was it. Then it was LAUNCH TIME!

The launch this time was sponsored by Nike again and they guys got each a White Nike-Pro for BODYCOMBAT. The first time I wore it at home, I looked in the mirror and found that the top was kinda too revealing. So I thought of getting some dressings to cover up all the guys. I tried them and showed some of the people and all of them thought the patches made it look worse. In the end, I had to ask this very odd question to Natalie a.k.a. Stephanie,

"Would you prefer to see the nipples or the patches?"

The answer was obvious- I had to get rid of the dressings. At the end, all of us wore our top without the dressings but last min planning had all the BC instructors wearing vests in the beginning of the launch. But by the end of track 3, the girls took off their vest and we were forced to do it too- hence we had 3 sets of nipples on display for the remaining tracks. Dunno what to say anymore... Ah Boy left at the end of track 8 to rush for Axis' launch, which in the end, I found he made it to lend his support... How convenient hor?

The last 2 programmes to be presented were BODYBALANCE by Riyo & Klev and BODYATTACK by Jeremy, Serena and Lilian(only shadowing since she lost her voice). Didn't have time to take pics since just finish BODYCOMBAT.

It wasn't physically tiring but mentally, I was relieved when the whole thing was over. Happy that it was a successful launch, with BODYCOMBAT attracting a full house with definitely more that 60 participants... though the speakers in the studio had some problem halfway through track 8 of BODYCOMBAT.

Note to self: next time put Ah Boy to launch only in IOI.