Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The night before Merdeka

Decided to go to Putrajaya to watch the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition to celebrate Merdeka. The original 10pm display was pushed to 12 midnight so it would double-up as a merdeka firework display.

Anyhow, we decided to go early around 9 plus but apparently others were much earlier, since the announcement of the postponement was only in the newspapers on the same day. The venue was PICC but the road to the place was quite jammed. So we parked far far away and took the picture below.

Then we walked towards PICC where the fair was.

Took about 30 minutes to reach the fair. There were stalls set up near PICC.

Took pic of gf taking pictures

One thing for sure, Malaysians really love to eat. All the stalls were selling food and almost everyone was holding something edible in their hands.

The most popular "stall" was about 100 metres away from the rest. You even had to queue for what you want. The good thing: You need not order anything....

... When it's your turn, just pay and masuk to do whatever you want inside.

Didn't buy anything and we walked back to where our car was since we thought it would be easier to leave once the fireworks were over. It was still quite early by the time we reached our car. So we sat in the car and did some camwhoring... probably you'll see in gf's blog.

The fireworks started slightly after 12. For the next 25 minutes we were entertained by the Japanese team, and some special sound effects from the kids around us.

Though it's late, it still felt safe to have our local superhero SUPARMAN standing close to us.

Everything was nice all the way... till we wanted to go home. We got onto the car at 12.30am but I only reach Keping after 2am.

Stupid Merdeka Jam!