Sunday, September 16, 2007

Luca's Pizza @ Cineleisure

Happened to try this restaurant in Cineleisure with gf a couple of weekends ago.

most of the time the place looks pretty clean and quiet

I've spotted it months ago but just didn't have the time to try it till recently.

wall deco

It's a self service restaurant- you'll need to make your order at the counter. Since gf wasn't hungry and my stomach was not well that day, ordering pizza would be a bad idea. So she ordered her chicken wings while I decided to go for pasta instead.

One thing for sure if you are going there:



Taste-wise, I've had better... but that doesn't mean it's bad. I would say Pizza Hut is way worse than this.
What about the chicken wings?

They looked okay.... and the taste? According to the chicken wing expert, not too good also.

ordered already must finish lor...
So much for my attempt to be a flogger. For a real Flog, hop to this stalker of mine.