Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Recently during our holiday trip, I was asked by gf if I've got any regrets in life.

In spite of some a handful of silly mistakes when it comes to my relationships with my exes, I don't have any regrets on that area of my life.

I do have 2 regrets about my studies.

Coming from the best school in Penang - some say Malaysia- Chung Ling High School has its own shortcomings. Our school excels in science and somehow we were led to believe science stream is the way to go in life. Those who did well in SRP(now PMR) would automatically go in the Science stream in Form 4 while those who were sleeping through Form 3 who did poorly were sent to the Commerce stream.

I did relatively well and so I was in the Science stream. A couple of my class mates applied to be in the Commerce stream and I didn't. At that point of time, I didn't think much of my future and what career path I wanted to pursue. One big mistake...

I bombed in Chemistry, Physics & Add. Maths and barely surviving Biology. By the time I realised I was in the wrong stream, it was already too late. And so my Form 4 & Form 5 science teachers had a traumatic time educting me. Pity them....

Fortunately, I managed to do okay in SPM and went on to Form 6 and immediately I switched to Arts Stream. However, I still didn't know what I wanted to be. The ideas that popped out were lawyer, hotel management & human resource management.

Anyhow, I ended up in University of Sydney studying first accounting & human resource management. I found out that Accounting wasn't the subject I like so I asked for a transfer and then I discover a field of study I've never thought of before.


Why archeology, you may ask.... History is always one of my stronger subjects in school all the way to Form 6. I love to read history books so much that I usually finished reading my text books way before my history teachers could finish half of them. I am especially fascinated by the process of development of the world's civilizations and religions. So the idea did cross my mind to switch to archeology instead - it will be a pursue of passion. One thing held me back though.... what would I be doing as an archeologist?

Become this?

Not sure how my dad would react if I were to tell him I wanted to be Indiana Looi, so I made the decision based on logic: I switch another area of interest and graduated with a degree in political science & industrial relations.

Even now, I'm still drawn by historical stuff and gf is amazed that I can recall a lot of things I've learned from history books. If only I could turn back time....

Do you have any regrets you wanna share?

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