Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out of the norm

Yesterday was "crazy-4-class" Tuesday and by the time I dragged myself to Damansara Uptown for my last BODYCOMBAT® class, I wasn't really into the mood to teach... not to mention, my 3rd class was BODYATTACK® in The Curve. Then after swiping my card to enter the gym, I proceeded to the front desk to sign my name on the class registeration sheet. To my surprise, there were 33 members who signed up for the class and the full capacity is 35(final count: 34).

My first response to the regulars was, "Eh, today is not Friday and my name is not Calvin... how come so many people?" My 2nd response was "Have they mistaken DU for Menara Manulife?"

Since so many members have come to attend my class, I was instantly all fired-up and did the class of my life. End results: Members had a great time and today I have sore legs from working too hard.

Yeah, it's always fun to teach to a full capacity....

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