Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Broadway Parodies LAH!

Last night skipped teaching my usual 7.35pm BODYCOMBAT in DU to watch this:

Staged at the Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre, the write-up in the Star Metro last month caught my attention and I decided to ajak gf for the Tuesday show as they have 20% discount for mid-week shows.

The show started at 8.30pm and what you get is 2-hour-spoofs of famous songs from... you guess it... Broadway musicals. I totally dig "Bomoh of the Bursa", sung to the tune of "Phantom of the Opera" it was really good! Others that was really funny was "Aiyo"("Hi Ho" from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs), "Damansara"("Oklahoma") and Douglas' rendition of "I just want to be a dame" and "I'm off to Genting in the morning".

They have quite a good cast, led by Douglas Lim and my fellow Penangite Joanne Kam Poh Poh. Watch out for Doreen Tang, Cheryl Tan and Glamorique Arshad(how do you pronouce his name anyway?).

The show is on nightly 8.30pm till 2 June and on 3 June the show is at 3pm. Tickets are available at the box office in BSC. So if you have finished watching Pirates of the Carribean, Shrek the Third, Blades of Glory, and waiting for Fantastic Four or Transformers, do give our local lads some support. It will be money worth spent. For more info, click here

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