Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've been beaching around lately

Last week finally made use of the free voucher I won from Red FM, 3D2N stay at Merang Suria Resort in Kuala T'ganu.

Merang Suria Resort

As we reach KT quite early, we couldn't check in. So, we left our luggage at the front desk and went to town for a walk. The first place we went was central market near the pier.

Pasar Payang

the pier

Looks like the flag has been around since Merdeka

The french-inspired palace was just around the corner.

Istana Maziah

Dataran Maziah, right outside the istana

From there, we walked to Kampung Cina. Kuala Terengganu itself isn't that big but because of the weather and a pair of newly untested shoes(gf's), it was quite a walk to the place.

Quite a small area with nothing much to see.

We went back to the resort around 4 and finally got to rest our tired legs.

the room


The next day was the highlight was the trip. We took a boat to Pulau Redang from the Merang Jetty.

the jetty

The journey was about an hour and there we found paradise on earth. The place we landed on was Pasir Panjang.

picture perfect

I've never seen such clear sea water before. Back in Penang, our sea water looks like air longkang.... the visibility in the water is about 3-4 metres.

The first time ever... topless pic on this blog

The fishes are no strangers to human swimming with them. In fact, the moment we stop swimming, they would swim close to us... Apparently they are used to human feeding them,

Later we were taken to the marine park in Pulau Pinang(not the state).

Overcrowded with people, it wasn't as nice as Pasir Panjang.

You still see clear water with fishes, plus something not so pleasant....

Dead corals along the beach and in the water.

We still prefer Pasir Panjang to the marine park. Because of that, the marine park got a thumb down review from gf.

Still beautiful, nonetheless....

The next day was spent mucking around doing nothing much, though we actually walked for 30 minutes from the resort to buy ice-cream at the petrol station. Crazy but doable... just have to put more sunblock next time.

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