Friday, July 28, 2006


2 Saturdays ago I was invited to a dinner with yhsmom and a few other members and instruvctors. At the same time I also got this invitation from the members of Cheras Leisure Mall for dinner. Since yhsmom asked me first, I had to decline the 2nd offer. I thought I wouldn't get to hang out with them... Mana tahu, most of the gangfrom Cheras also couldn't make it on 15 July, so they changed the dinner to last Saturday 22 July.

(Gang, if you want to save the pictures, please remember to click on the pictures)

Where? Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang

Quite a far place to go for food. Normally I'm not one who would drive for 1 hour to eat butI'm a cheapskate for free food since it's been a while I get to mix with the Cheras gang....

Thou shalt not waste good food... finish 'em!

Besides me, there were 2 other instructors Michelle(whom I think is the official RPM queen in Cheras) and Danny.

Eat, eat, eat...

Shonda(left) got excited when she saw me sitting right across the table.

"Repeat after me.... F-I-S-H.... FIS!"

good crowd on a Saturday evening

what a load of crabs!

Pretty much a hands-on experience

more crabs...

lai-liu haa...

After the storm...

It's amazing how good food can affect your brains, as the following 2 pictures will show you:

It's offical... Danny is her man

Just in case you missed the first pic

Natalie, Michelle, & Iris

probaby someone said something funny... or someone farted

Ivy & Kit putting hand lotion after dinner

shades & shades gf

We're just fooling around... whatever rumours you heard about me are untrue!

the leng chais

the gorgeous ladies

The usual suspects(from left): Simon(did I get the name correct?), shades gf, Ah Loong(aka Chen), Danny, Iris, Michelle, Natalie, Shonda, Kit, & Ivy

Like I've said before, it never the food that make the night enjoyable- it's the people that you spend time with that makes the difference. There should be another gathering coming up again.

THANK YOU CHERAS LEISURE MALL GANG... Now head back to the gym and work off those calories!