Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm feeling it...

After months of begging asking the other GXCs for BODYATTACK class, I finally got my debut yesterday morning in IOI Mall, and boy I was anxious about it the whole week before.

It's kinda funny; I used to moan & groan that I couldn't practice my BODYATTACK tracks. Now that I finally have 2, I suddenly didn't feel like doing the class yesterday. The day before, I was just looking for a simple excuse not to do the class. When I found out on Tuesday that Herny was looking for someone to cover her RPM class, I immediately responded that if she could get a replacement for the BODYATTACK class, I'd cover her. In the end, she managed to get someone else.

And so yesterday I taught my own BODYATTACK class at 9.30am in IOI Mall. Kinda happy to see so many people in the Ballroom Dancing class(the class before mine) and even happier when they stayed back for my class. 23 members- all females- working and screaming for you. SO that's how it feels like to be FCI.

Can't really say that it was my best class for BODYATTACK as I think I'm still not used to the workout yet. Anyhow, after the class I was really exhausted! I really feel tired the whole day and having to teach 2 more BODYCOMBAT classes in the afternoon doesn't really help too. So tired that I didn't even bother to wake up for the France-Portugal match.

This morning still feeling sore all over, especially my legs. Did a half-hearted BODYPUMP(not that I was half-hearted coaching the class, just that I use very light weight) and then continued with another class because the replacement didn't turn up- told him it was 10am but he thought the class was 10pm. Afterwards, 4.30pm another BODYATTACK in IOI Mall followed by a replacement 7.40pm RPM in Wisma SPK.

Maybe I should just go for my leg massage tonight and not wait till I return to Penang for the weekend :-/