Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns Theme class in DU

Last Sunday DU had our own Superman Returns Theme class. In spite of the building shutting down its power in the morning, I was pleased to find members waiting to enter the premise when I arrived at about 12.30pm - the first class was scheduled to start at 1pm.

The first class - BODYPUMP - was taught by Klevin and Wes, who was replacing Sue.

With the members after the class

The next theme class, BODYSTEP, was at 4pm and taught by Teoh & Kenny.

Apparently Teoh is faster than a speeding bullet

Finally got him striking a pose

"Hey, nice shorts!"

Members enjoying Teoh & Kenny the class

A bunch of happy people, after a job well done
(See if you can spot the odd one out...)

Oh, it's the first time I am decorating the studio for the theme classes. Not really an artistic person, I had to figure out the easiest way to make the studio look nice without cracking my head. So, I used crepe papers(blue, red, yellow- Superman colours) and just spread them around the stage.

Here's how it looked...

It's probably the most difficult thing to do since I became a GXC. Never good at artwork and never will, but I thought it was a good attempt.... you agree?