Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Reached Penang yesterday night at about 9.30pm with gf. We started our journey late as I couldn't find anyone to cover my RPM class in Leisure Mall. By the time we reached the Sungai Buloh toll, it was already 5pm. Anyhow, gf drove first while I took a nap. We then swapped at Tapah...

So tonight is the night where millions of Malaysians will be sacrificing their sleep just to watch 20 guys kicking a ball around for at least 90 minutes. Since it's the pinnacle of the football madness, I'm watching the game with 3 buddies- Danny, Leslie, & Mike- at Danny's home. Gf was supposed to join also but last minute decided to head home to sleep instead, after shopping in Batu Ferringhi.

Now Danny is sending his gf Su Yin back while Mike is trying to catch a nap before the game. That leaves me with nothing much to do but blogging. Of course I could watch the Wimbledon Tennis Final but with the football fever, who's really interesteed anyway?

About 3 hours to go, allow me to give my views on the final match between Les Bleus and the Azzuri. I somehow knew Brazil won't make it to the final this time but I'd never expected these 2 teams to make it thus far. By the end of the first round, I thought Argentina or Germany would make it to face England or Spain. Probably some people would wonder why England. Well, it's not like they're playing well in the first round, but I thought Rooney's return could help to make the team play better. Besides, I thought England had been quite lucky in the way they won their group matches. So, maybe they could get lucky all the way to the final....

OK, back to the final. This match is not about who has the best strike force but who can defend better. It would be a good farewell for Zidane & company if they can win the 2006 edition, but the Italians' defence are just too good. I don't really see how Italy is going to lose this match. Buffon is also so comfortable standing between the goal posts compared to Barthez. Italy should win this one. But like all competition, I always fancy the underdogs so I'll be cheering the French!

Oh one insteresting fact: "Azzuri" and "Les Bleus"- mean the same thing: "BLUE".