Saturday, March 03, 2012

I am a dead man...

This week has been a rather normal week, right until Thursday evening.

After last Sunday's callback for "Paper Crane", I have 6 days to decide and let Joe & Faridah know if I am accepting the offer as part of the ensemble - at the callbacks, we were informed that we would given the rehearsal schedule and to think it through before accepting the offer.

For me, as mentioned before, it was time for me to challenge myself with more things. I don't want to be stuck as someone who only does musicals. So I have decided that I would decline the offer & book an audition spot with Kelvin Wong for his IndicineLive! comedy show in June. To certain extent, I was wondering if I would be doing any production this year. While I am confident doing musicals, doing "SNL-style" comedy may be a little too much for me.

Then Thursday night, something happened. I left my phone in silent mode. When I checked it later, I discovered that I had a missed call from Christopher Ling. He also send me an SMS asking me to call him back. Sensing something is not right, I called him and he went straight to the point; one of his performers in "Dead Man's Cell Phone" had to pull out due to family emergency and he needed to get someone in ASAP. 

To cut the 1-2 hour story short, I spoke to wifey to get her blessings and I went to klpac to start my rehearsals with Christopher & the cast that night itself.

So now, I have about 10 days to be ready for the show. What a way to get into my first production of 2012, right?

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