Thursday, February 09, 2012

Company loyalty

You know, my late father had only one job in his entire life. That's more than 30 years with the same shipping company. For me, since I graduated, I have worked with 8 companies across 3 industries. That's only 12 years!

What ever happened to company loyalty, right?

It's interesting to note that while companies would like their employees to stay loyal to them, most will have no qualms to remove them once they've outstayed their usefulness. Call it what you want, VSS, restructuring, transfer, etc... just the same la!

So I say, do what you need to do. Don't let anyone shortchange you. If you need to go, just go. Company loyalty is dead. PERIOD.

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TZ said...

Totally agreed ... I been to so many restructuring and even a VSS. So why you need to be loyal to the company as the company is not loyal to you :p

At the end who suffer?