Friday, March 09, 2012

And the nominees are...

Last year was a year of breakthrough, as far my stage work is concerned.

I did my first theatre piece(sort of auditioned for it by mistake) which gave me more confidence in myself as a stage performer.

I also stuck my head into stage managing for the first time, and it allowed me to see & learn how a show is put up from the director's point of view. Thanks to that experience, it also helped me to land a role in Malaysian Girls.

Today, I just found out that the show I stage managed has garnered a couple of nominations in the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2011. BCA Awards is like our very own Tony Awards, so it's sort of a big thing.

We have been nominated in the following categories:

* Best Group Performance

* Best Sound & Music Design

* Best Lighting Design

* Best Costume Design

I reckon there should be a category for best props, coz our guy Kenneth did a fantastic job making our props.Those of you who watched the show should know what I'm talking about.

Not sure if we will be winning any of the awards as we do have a lot of excellent people nominated as well. But I'm exceedingly overjoyed with this great news today:)

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