Monday, February 08, 2010

Adam The Musical Week 2

Last week's practices were somewhat affected by the sad news of the demise of our Music Director's grandma. Here I was, going there to look for her so that I could wish her "Happy Birthday", only to be informed by our pianist Elena that Tracy wouldn't be coming that day.

Still, the show(or rather, the practice) must go on and Lex atarted with us again before Elena took over with the singing. The singing focus was to get the phrasing accurate. With Lex, we have begun dancing to the song as well.

We welcomed Tracy back on Wednesday and we started with her instead. I guess it was so that she could leave early for her grandma's wake, since she didn't stay back till the very end. We sang the first song and she has a new song for us to learn. It's so different from the first song. The first song was Broadway-ish, while this song is err... sound a bit Ah-Beng-ish:) Not as catchy as the first song, but still fun to learn because unlike the first song which has only 2 parts for harmonizing ,this one has 4. With 4 parts, the song seem to sound "rounder" compared to the first one. we all had to learn the chorus where we sang "pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa.... ya!" in 4 parts I thougth they(musical notes) we simple though it has an off-beat feel.

Again, Lex added a few more layers to the choreography we learned the night before, which was quite simple to follow. I can almost see how we would look at the Actors' Studio!

Friday night, I was thinking of taking pictures of the production team but unfortunately, Joe, Dato' Faridah & Rosheen were not around. We had Aple, our 2nd stage manager, in charge, together with Lex & Tracy.

Lex taught us the last bit of the choreography for our first song. It's beginning to appear that the guys would not be on stage for this song, since the moves are quite feminine... Either that, or we would need to cross dress for the song:)

I was looking forward to learn the 2nd song because earlier I had already looked at the music sheets and learn how the notes sound. Actually for baritone, I got arguably the easier part, compared with the tenors. It's like we only need to sing around 4-5 notes which were repetitive.

Tracy got us all to learn the song and by the end,we were enjoying ourselves because of the funny lyrics. I felt weird singing the line "Before they come between my thighs"... not going to tell you what the title is and what it's about. You will need to buy the tickets and watch the show!

Anyhow, we managed to get the gist of the song and Aple asked us to know the song by heart for the coming week's practice. So far I've got 80-90% sorted out. I should be 100% by Monday night.

Hopefully get to take pics of the team this week. Maybe will take pics of the cast as well for the following week.

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