Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Adam The Musical Week 1

And so, last Tuesday we started our practice for Adam the Musical.

I was a bit kiasu - I took the day off(part of my plan to clear my 2009 annual leave). I even left home to KLPAC at about 5.15pm. Reached Jalan Ipoh and had dinner at one of the stalls around 6pm. Still got lots of time left, and ended up going for round 2(dim sum) & round 3(Old Time White Coffee).

Nowadays, it's better to be very early then 5 mins late, no?

Almost all was on time - I guess nobody wanted a tongue lashing from our director Joe Hasham.

I managed to talk to a few people, including one Michael Chen who was recently in the show "The Swimmning Instructor". Incidently, Michael is now training Janis @ TNT Kickboxing.

First day wasn't much of a practice - we got the script for the show and did the reading. Took quite some time to finish but it did give us an idea how the show is going to be like.

Again, before we ended the night, we were reminded by Joe again that "There is only 1 director and nothing is more important than the production".

Wednesday was more interesting as we started with something I didn't expect to happen so quick - learning my first dance!

Stage manager Rosheen & Executive Producer Dato' Faridah Merican

We did some streching which included the Sun Salutation. Though I have never really done yoga before(the closest thing I ever did was BODYBALANCE), it was quite easy to follow our choreographer Lex since I've seen the moves so many times in our class audit(QCC).

Waiting for the practice to start

We then proceed to learn quite basic moves from Lex. The moves involves a bit of shoulder isolations(which took me 2 days to understand how to do them better). Thankfully, Lex did the mirror image method:)

More waiting

After we got the moves right, Lex then put in the CD and out comes Spice Girls' "Who Do You Think You Are" and we had to dance to the music!

Preparing to shake our booties!

I wasn't feeling confident about dancing again, and I began to wonder if I could pull it off.

Rolling the shoulders out, together with the arms

I started with quite few mistakes.

What have I gotten myself into?

That's Michael on the left

After doing it a few time, though, I began to adjust to the moves and eventually I was moveing rather well(or at least, I thought so). In fact, I was beginning to enjoy it:)

Lex looking pleased with the progress, apparently

After doing them a few times, Lex handed us over to Tracy our Music Director and we received our first song to learn. It's quite a Broadway-ish number and rather catchy too. In fact, I'm quite proud that a local song writer could do such a high quality number.

The practice was made simple with Tracy singing the melody for us. She was fantastic! The catchy tune is very easy to learn, but getting the phrasing correct is another challenge. Not to mention, we have to sing in parts to support the main singer Sandra.

Again I took leave on Friday. The practice started the same way with the warm ups and we had to do the dance again. This time, Lex added a few move arm/leg movements to the dance steps that we've learned on Wednesday(sort of like BODYJAM's layering, methinks). It wasn't that difficult to learn the additional moves once I've got Wednesday's moves right.

And again, we had to dance to "Who Do You Think You Are".... man, I feel like a Spice Boy!

Day 3 dance

Basically we've managed to learn the entire choreography for the first dance that night... unless Lex has something to add on to this week.

Tracy took over after that and we were divided into soprano, alto, tenor, bartione. Not surprisingly, I was in baritone. The good news was the guys got to sing the melody till the very end, where we sang the harmonizing part.

A few of us, including me, was still struggling with the phrasing but I am thankful that I could read the notes. Otherwise, it would be difficult to learn at home- so mom & dad did the right thing to send me to Yamaha Music School, despite me not keen on learning organ.

By the end of the night, Joe gave his pep talk again. He wanted us to learn the song over the weekend so that the next practice(today) we could do it without looking at the sheets.

Anyhow, I did my homework over the weekend and I can tell you that wifey can hum the tune already:)

Tonight we'll be practising again - hopefully I will not forget my phrasing and hopefully, I can impress Tracy and make her feel proud, coz today is her birthday!

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