Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I've not been blogging lately

As usual, the answer is... "BUSY-LAH...."

It's actually one of those good "busy-lah". I've been attending the musical practices religously and having loads of fun with the cast.

It's so great to have friends outside of gym- not that I don't appreciate them. But sometimes I look at the people I hang out with, they are either my gym members or colleagues.

Now, it's refreshing that I make new friends and at the same time, learning how to be a better performer on stage with guidance from our music director Tracy, dance choreographer Lex, & of course the big guy Joe Hasham. Incidently, Joe Hasham was awarded some title "OAM" by the Australian government. Wonder what it means.... Originial Australian Made"?

Besides having fun practising together, we had the priviledge of going out for one Fri night supper(coz Joe decided to let us off early) and also attended one of our cast member's wedding.

Wing Leong married his sweetheart over the weekend and we had so much fun with the impromptu dance for his entrance. Not forgetting, we had Tria Aziz singing "Sweet Love". She is absolutely fantastic. I would never ask her to sing for my wedding(if I'd known her 1 year earlier), coz she'd probably steal the show from wifey & me:)

Ee Wen also sang 2 numbers and the night ended with the groom singing a song for his wife.

Oh I'm so blessed!!!

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Chuang said...

Hey man - you left out the part about how stupendously great the songs are... Ha ha. Cheers!