Wednesday, May 06, 2009

1BlackMalaysia: Democracy First, By-election Now

Apparently tomorrow 7 May 2009 is a good day to wear black. Why? Coz it's a sad day for Malaysian democracy.

If you have't figured out, I played a part in knocking BN out of the Penang government last year. So far, based on what I've read and seen in Penang, I think I made the right choice. Besides, no matter how bad the current Pg government is, it can never be as bad as the one before:)

However, that doesn't mean I will always agree with whatever the PR coalition. For example, I am against the idea of assemblyman resigning to force a by-election. I am against the idea of frogs jumping to PR to force a change of federal government.

Which is why, I am not that happy with the situation in Perak.

Over the last few months since becoming the "2nd Mentri Besar of Perak", Dr Zambry is trying very hard to convince the Perakians that he is their legitimate Mentri Besar and not Datuk Nizar. If I were a reporter interviweing him, this will be my first question, "Legally, it is possible that your appointment is valid- we will leave it to the high court to decide but the more important question is...Morally, do you think what you are doing is right?"

My next question:

"Do you think the people in the state of Perak will respect you for the manner you seize control?"

To certain extent, can't really fault him for the mess in Perak. After all, he answers to a "higher authority". Had that person been smarter, the person should have been more patient. Show some work and serve the people of Perak well, even as the opposition party. Earn back the trust of the people and maybe in the next election, BN could win back the state. After all, they lost only by 3 seats last year.

But not, that person is so eager to start the year with a bang, to show how brilliant he is.

Can you trust a person like this to lead your country? Cakap tak serupa bikin. Kononnya "People First, Performance Now", tapi buat hal-hal yang mengelirukan. You want to take back Perak now, then let the PEOPLE decide.

As for me, I'm gonna wear black tomorrow to teach my classes for 1BlackMalaysia: Democracy First, By-election Now.