Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Dinner - Take 2!

After our wedding in March, we went back recently to Penang to have another dinner for our relatives there.

Of course, I also extended the invitation to my friends from Church and FF Island Plaza.

With PCC friends

If not mistaken, mom-in-law's friends

We actually wore back our wedding clothes in March, as we bought them instead of renting- one of those things I learned from a show on E! channel.... Buy instead of rent for the most important day of your life.

Somehow I was distracted

At the entrance

With FF Island Plaza friends

Guess what? I'm now related to Dato' Lee Kar Choon!

Picture with my new uncle :)

Time on the invitation card stated dinner at 7pm but we only started at 8pm- not that bad, considering that the next day we attended my cousin's wedding dinner which started at 8.30pm.

We did the same opening in KL, with the video and singing. This time, the sound system was definitely better as we had rented the sound system.

Singing "A Whole New World"

Opening prayer by Pastor Lydia, one of the pastors from my home church Penang Christian Centre

At the table

The wedding in Penang was kinda packed with the traditional tea ceremony.

As I had about 20 tables of relatives, wife actually had quite a lot of people to serve tea to.

exhausting time!

On the other hand, she only had 4 tables so it was quite a breeze for me. I think it took me less than 10 minutes to settle her side while she around 45 minutes.

I was quite glad to have the ceremony done.

Daryl, the brother I never had

The first performance of the night, not counting our entrance song, was from my parents-in-law. Being professionals, they actually brought their own DVD to dinner for singing.

Grinning while I was introducing them

Singing 爱的路上只有我和你(old song, not that recent one)

Based on their singing, you can probably guess where wife got her talents from.

My 17-yr-old niece, Janine

After singing, it was the cake cutting and wine pouring time.

Deja vu


After which, I gave my "Part of my world" speech. Wife opted out as her "Finally" speech was not applicable in the Penang wedding.

All I'm saying... Thank you for being... Part of our world....

Finally came the long awaited first dance in Penang.

Started slow with Rod Stewart's "Till There Was You"

Just like in KL, there was a slight change of tempo halfway through.

"And I'm losing control..."

"Coz the power you're supplying...

"You're the one that I want... ooh, ooh, ooh.. Honey!"

That was the last performance from us. We didn't do the finale in KL as our dance crew were not with us.

As substitute, first I had my eldest bro singing.

The interesting thing about this wedding is I really had a difficult time addressing my relatives. Most of them I hardly see them at all, not even during CNY but are my mom and dad's cousins and uncles-aunties.
I honestly dunno who these people are

Anyway, we went back to the tea ceremony again but this time we were being served.

We missed our my sis-in-law in KL's tea ceremony

Finally, the highlight of the night was my mom singing 夜来香. Truth be told, my mom used to have a very good voice, but that was way before she had 4 children.


See my reaction.

Anyhow, mom did her thing and bro and niece decided to have a impromptu dance.

Doing the cha-cha

Mom still has her fans in the form of her cousins

Timing and pitch was good, just the quality of voice is not what it used to be

There was another last min performance from an uncle, at mom's request but timing was a bit out. Fortunately by then, we had reach the end of the dinner.

Overall if felt more like a wedding for us as we were in our wedding clothes the whole night, as opposed to KL where we changed to smart casual for our finale performance.

I think that was a kiss of relief