Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekend happenings

Sunday was OCD's birthday, so the night before gf & I decided to surprise him with a birthday cake.

I'm sure he's happy that we actually got him a cake, better than last year where I treated him dinner at this restaurant while watching the first match of World Cup 2006. Anyhow, we ended up eating at the same restaurant again (he's footing the bill) before we went back to do the usual cake cutting ceremony.

Gf was supposed to be working on Sunday so I decided to help Eric out by covering FCI's(not my FCI but other ppl's FCI-lah) 245pm class in Leisure Mall. Saw a slim-down Bernard there and I apologize to him that he had to settle for me that day.

"Never mind.... at least the class won't be packed," and "No wonder today so easy to find car park..." were some of the replies I got from him. Smart alec, wish I could slap him. Shanti was present too.

Anyhow, I'm pleased that after dropping the class to FCI, there are members who still remember me. Overall, it was quite a packed class, maybe they didn't know FCI wasn't teaching.

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