Sunday, June 17, 2007

Miracle 2007 BODYCOMBAT Launch

Yesterday we just launched BODYATTACK®, BODYCOMBAT® & BODYJAM® at Miracle 2007 in Cineleisure Lower Ground. It was also a fund raising effort for The Heart Foundation of Malaysia & The Bravehearts K9 Spinal Cord support group. And to make things more fun, there were Miracle team challengers competiting in each programme.

Since my concern is BODYCOMBAT®, I only took pictures of BODYCOMBAT® launch (or rather, I asked Eugene to take pictures since I was on stage). Fatboy was there for the workout while Bernard and Shanti were just there to watch.

The instructors in the launch were(alphabatical order): Crystal, FCI, Peggy, Renee, Shades, Terence. Did anyone come to see FCI? Well, it's kinda hard to miss him...

The launch started with Renee leading track 1 & 2, before the first team Genesis - led by Michelle - took over. Then it was my turn with track 4.


let it fly!

It wasn't the best of my performance no thanks to the slippery stage. Right in track 1 I'd already slipped a couple of times so psychologically I was distracted in track 4. Half of the time I was just thinking, "Be careful.... you dun wanna do a big evasive side-kick and then slip!" Everything I had wanted to say just went out the window...

Track 5 was taught by Terence. The track is a circle track but because the workout area was kind of long, we changed it into a split track. It was kinda funny watching him running up and down doing the sprint.

Lesley's Street Rebel taught track 6 and Jason's Diablo completed the challenge with track 7. Crystal came back to teach track 8 and FCI wrapped up the launch with the last 2 tracks.

Your launch team

We stayed on till 9pm when the results were announced. The BODYCOMBAT® team challenge was won by Diablo, followed by Genesis and Street Rebels.

It was a long day for all of us. Glad everything went well, and nobody slipped on stage like Miss USA did during the recent Miss Universe contest.

Watch out for MIRACLE 2008!!!

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