Monday, June 11, 2007

Ai yo yo Samy!

Yesterday I was watching the 8am Mandarin news and there was a report on the SMART toll collection. Then they showed a video of our beloved Works Minister saying something stupid on the toll rate:

"I cannot guarantee that the toll will be REASONABLE...."

Excuse me, YB... so you mean that it is possible that the rate will be UNREASONABLE? Well, I could've misheard what he said, so I checked the newspapers this morning. Confirmed that he actually used the word "REASONABLE"...

YB, I think the pharse you should've used was " NOT CHEAP". We understand a lot of money was spent on building the SILLY SMART tunnels so the toll will probably be not cheap but it should be reasonable. If the toll is not reasonable, who, in his/her right mind, is gonna use it?

YB, I believe that if you didn't make it as a politician, you could've been a very successful stand-up comedian....

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