Monday, May 08, 2006

Work or Play?

I've been busier than I ever was, yet I'm happy.

It's not often people get to do something they like as a profession. I personally know of someone who did her Accounting degree because "it could bring in the money" not because she enjoys it- The last time I heard, she was with one of the Big 2. Hope she's happy with what she's got.

For me, work can be overwhelming at times... most often than not I will wake up before my alarm goes off, which is unheard of before. The first thing I do when I wake up is of course to look at my mobile phone(0n 24 hours) to see if there's any missed call or SMS. The fear of a group exercise coordinator is getting a message/call in the wee hours of the morning from an instructor saying that he/she cannot make it for the 7am class.... How to find covers so last minute?

Anyhow, this morning I was at IOI Mall for the official opening of our 11th gym in Malaysia. A couple of us GXCs did a 5 min demo for the press and the special guest of honour, Datuk Dr M. Kayveas, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. If I'm not mistaken, TV3 was there to cover the event... so maybe I'll be featured on Buletin Utama tonight? :)

This Fri is the Les Mills quarterly workshop again, and I'll be pretty involved. Coincidently, it's also a public holiday and I've managed to get Paul from Penang to do a BODYPUMP® class. In case you have forgotten, I've featured Paul before practising BODYATTACK®. I reckon it's going to be a great class this Friday with him around. Too bad I will be at the Curve for the preparation of the workshop, otherwise I could team teach with him. Celia, upon seeing Paul and me teaching in FF Island Plaza, said we looked like grasshoppers when doing the crossover pushu ups.

Any FF member interested to attend the classes in DU on Wesak Day? Here's what we have:

10.00am BODYSTEP® Teoh(aka Fearsome Squat Instructor)
11.15am BODYPUMP® Paul
12.30pm BODYJAM® Leonara(one of my fav Jam instructors, though I don't do the class)
1.45pm BODYCOMBAT® Kelvin Tan
1.45pm RPM® Ping(Looks like an angel, rides like a devil)
3.00pm BODYBALANCE® Ping

Hope you can join us here!