Sunday, May 14, 2006


Last Thursday, I just got another pair of shoes from Nike. I was hoping something black or dark coloured but instead I got a pair of rather odd-looking training shoes called NIKE SLAT ENDORPHINS TR.

First impression-wise, it’s definitely not one of the most beautifully designed shoes ever but the moment I took it out of the box, it was definitely one of the lightest shoes I’ve ever held.

This pair has Nike’s latest innovation called the Slat Suspension Technology. According to Nike, the benefits of these shoes are: lightweight, flexible, conforms to foot, ventilated, and stable.

So what’s the difference this time?

Well, we’re familiar with Nike Shox which supports mostly the heels like pillars. The slat system works in a similar way but it suspends my foot. The slats support my weight and transfer it to the sides of the midsoles.

Apparently, unlike the Shox system, the slats contour to the shape of the foot when I step on them. They then rebound to their original position when I unload them. The openings between slats and underfoot allow for enhanced airflow.

The wonders of the Slat system is the Pebax® slats which make the footbed anatomically comfortable and flexible.

The funny fin-like thingy in the mid foot supposedly improves ventilation.

Enough of what Nike says about the shoes. What do I think?

Like I said earlier, design-wise it’s not that attractive. But I definitely like the feel of the shoes a lot. Definitely one of the better shoes I’ve worn. I was talking to Kelvin, a fellow BODYCOMBAT® instructor who works for Nike, and he commented that the Slat Technology shoes are more comfortable than Shox and Max Air.

Anyway, if you;’re looking for light, comfortable shoes and don’t mind spending a little bit more than usual, you can get these “hot-from-the oven” Nike Slat Endorphin TR at RM 429.