Sunday, April 23, 2006

The week that was

OK, finally get to sit down and do this.

Last Sunday's entry was short because of a wedding I had to attend with the GX team. It was a splendid wedding and I have the pictures to show. Click on the pictures to view the full size.

ANYWAY, it is a bit odd that when I had 2 jobs, I had so much time to blog but not now. Then again, it's not that surprising, since there are a lot of reponsibilities for me to look into as the new GXC of Fitness First Damansara Uptown. In spite of that, I am happy with where I am.

OK, something non gym-related.... Guess where I was last Fri morning?

Not that I thought I could be it, but merely went there for the experience. The last 2 times got audition for Malaysian Idol, I could only watch as gf attended them. For this one, the age limit was raised and so I tagged along with gf and her sister lor...

My mug shots:

The audition was from 9am to 6pm but we were there there at about 8.15am. So sat there and waited till they opened the place for registration(gf & her sis managed to do some sisterhood bonding with a few ladies).

The outcome? Didn't make it through even the 1st round. Voice was hoarse after teaching 3-4 classes a day. If I were auditioning myself, I wouldn't have let me in either. For a more detailed report on the whole thing, do drop by gf's blog.

That's all...

P.S. If anyone plans to buy 4-D or anything with my audition number, do let me know if you win.