Friday, June 07, 2013

S+S Malaysia here I come again!

Short+Sweet Festiva Malaysial is about to start again in September and this month is where writers will be presumably rushing to finish their scripts to meet the deadline which is 1 July. Last year at this point, I think we have already finalized "The Geongxi is a Vamp" and hand delivered it to klpac.

This year, wifey most probably will be sitting out, unless she can finish the script/music she wrote last year.  I will be trying out a new collaboration this year with  people I have not worked with before. In fact, I am also trying a genre of musical I am not familiar with. For a change, my script is not a  comedy and it doesn't have any stereotype. I believe that to write a 10 min musical is harder than a theatre piece because short musicals do not have time to establish & develop the characters. Hence, over the last 2 years, I noticed that musicals that did well in S+S have stereotypes, eg. boy bands, chinese prostitute, vampires, lawyers, cannibals, etc. Also, they were all comedies.

I have already completed the second draft of the musical, even though I will be submitting the first draft. The musical will now depend on my new composer & director. They will have the difficult job of bringing the story to life.

So what is the musical about? The title is "Goodbye" and the clue is in the picture below.

I will also be auditioning as an actor for musical and probably director too. Only problem I have with directing is I have a November play and directing in Oct may be a problem for me.

Exciting time ahead again!

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