Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sydney Trip: Shows!

Forgot to blog about this:)

Last month, of course, was our 4th year anniversary and we went to Sydney where I lived for 2 1/2 years. So what did 2 performing artists do in Sydney? 

Show #1
Wednesday afternoon we watched the matinee show "Driving Miss Daisy" at Theatre Royal. It's the play not to be missed because it featured Angela Lansbury & James Earl Jones. Imagine seeing Mrs Potts & Darth Vader in person!

Should've known. Watching 2 seasoned performers in the afternoon means that we'll be watching it with retirees.Suddenly I feel so young.

Feels like I'm in a show for geriatric ward

The theatre was a small one and we were seated quite close to the stage.

Simple set with minimal movement

Don't think there's more than 10 people aged below 40
The play was very well done. Delivery of the 3 actors were top class. But what really delighted me was how fantastic the two main stars were. Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones are both in their 80s but their performance didn't show it at all.

Here's a link to the review of the show.

Show #2
The same day evening we went to Capitol Theatre for The Addams Family. We were very fortunate to get really cheap tix because it was their final preview week. The theatre lobby was decorated to fit the theme of the show, with famous musical songs in minor played over the PA. Love the song arrangement!

A bit far but still can see everything

It was a fun-filled musical for the family with loads of funny moments. Songs were nice and quite memorable but there's one song I thought was not necessary.  "The Moon & Me" by Fester sounded cute but doesn't progress the story. I like the opening song"When You're An Addam"- it was really a good number to set the mood of the show. I also like the overture, which is now my phone ringtone.

Show #3
Friday night it was time for War Horse at Sydney Lyric. A play about a horse named Joey. Joey is played by a puppet, controlled by 3 people. Sounds weird but the puppeteers were so good that I hardly notice them at all.

Wifey saw the play in May 2012 in New York & loved it. So she is basically accompanying me to see the show. Still, she said, it was very moving for her. Even though the performers spoke with Irish accent, every word was clear & crisp. Visually a very good show with the puppet horses & lightings.

Entrance to the theatre

Me with the star of the play:)

The view of the city from Sydney Lyric

We could've gone for show #4 which is the final of  Short+Sweet Sydney on Saturday, but decided not to because tix prices for shows in Australia is rather expensive, and we  need to take a breather from watching shows also:)

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